Communications and Marketing Specialist. Trainer and Educator. Energy Efficiency Expert.


I help people build successful careers and prosperous companies.

I’m currently seeking dedicated clients and collaborators who have to foresight to implement my experience, skills, and dedication to our mutual benefit.

Author, Editor, and Publisher

I’m a respected expert on projects that require astute writing skills, editorial precision, and publishing know-how. I’ve operated successful publishing and training businesses. And I’m skilled at balancing cultural awareness and technical accuracy to create succinct and effective written word.

Dorsi Pecha Kucha
Delivering a keynote speech on climate change to a group of community members.

I’ve spent most of the last four decades perfecting the science and psychology of good written communication. During this time I’ve written technical manuals, published textbooks, compiled trade magazines, created training curricula, and operated a successful publishing company.

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Speaker, Moderator, and Trainer

I’m a trusted and effective leader of groups of people in professional settings. I manage group dynamics to create successful and memorable events. I’m highly skilled in media interviews, and I confidently fill the role of keynote speaker, emcee, moderator, or educator.

Zarker Interview
Interviewing an industry leader at a conference of housing professionals.

I’ve learned how to manage group dynamics in ways that create effective and memorable events. I am an effective and even-handed moderator for structured business events that require fairness and courtesy. And I deliver relevant keynotes on the topic of sustainable construction.

I also help forward-looking business people learn the English of international business.

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Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Expert

I’m a respected subject matter expert in the fields of corporate responsibility, energy efficiency, and sustainable construction. I’m a direct participant in the development and promulgation of industry standards for sustainable construction across North America.

Field training for program managers at the site of a corporate client.
Field training for program managers at the site of a corporate client.

I’m familiar with the challenge of implementing good design on real-life job sites, and I’ve helped many business owners meet that challenge. I’ve also negotiated and maintained collaborations among the various stakeholders involved in the design, assessment, construction, and maintenance of modern high-performance buildings.

See how my publications are used by the  U.S. Department of Energy.


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What They Say

I am deeply impressed by Chris Dorsi and the people in the Habitat X network. Chris has always been a thought leader for our industry. In the many years I’ve known him as trainer, mentor, and friend, he has stood by his ideals, delivered top-quality training, and helped others excel.

Chris has unique skills for handling groups, understanding issues on both the micro and macro level, and for getting ideas out of people that are unmatched. He is helping our industry find a direction!

If this industry is your passion – then a Habitat X event must become your action plan – so you can experience how Chris Dorsi can orchestrate the energy in the room and make it more than the sum of the individual parts.

Chris epitomizes the qualities of the ideal colleague. He’s smart, level-headed, warm, thinks on his feet, is open to ideas, and is the first to acknowledge someone else’s contributions. A true pleasure to work with! Oh, and did I mention fun?