I work across North America from offices in Helena, Montana. I have deep expertise in the fields of corporate communications, publishing, technical training, professional development, and sustainable housing, and have been continuously involved in North American and European business and industry since 1974. I read, write, and speak English at an advanced level, and I read and speak Spanish at an intermediate level.

Habitat XI’m the founder of Habitat X, the widely-acclaimed professional conference, think tank, and year-round collaborative platform that supports the professional development of individuals and organizations involved in the housing industries of North America and Europe. I founded the organization in 2011, and am currently the Chief Operating Officer and lead faculty member.

Home Energy MagazineI’m an editorial associate for Home Energy Magazine, providing guidance and support for authors and staff.

Apple Energy Group EspanaI worked as the Chief Operating Officer of Apple Energy Group España, during its launch in Madrid. Operating as a Spanish SL corporation,  Apple  provides engineering services and media support to mid-sized companies in Spain and Latin America, and supports companies in the implementation of corporate sustainability programs.

Residential EnergyI’m the author or editor of many respected English-language publications in print and digital media. Residential Energy is the widely-used English language textbook for professionals who work in the sustainable housing industry. The Homeowner’s Handbook to Energy Efficiency is directed to the owners of single- and multi-family homes who want to perform energy upgrades to their own buildings. I’m the author of a few hundred other books, articles, and white papers. My upcoming book Human Habitat is due on the shelves in 2016 — it will report from the intersection of housing, culture, and environment.

Amazon.comLearn about many of my publications at Amazon.com.

Habitat X JournalI’m the publisher of the Habitat X Journal. This semi-annual industry publication includes academic reports describing research projects, editorial columns advocating for the most important industry initiatives, economic summaries penned by business owners, and technology updates from architects, engineers, and government researchers.

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Keywords: corporate communication, strategic planning, knowledge management, authoring, editing, publishing, technical training, learning management systems, instructional design, moderation, facilitation, language skills, corporate responsibility, energy efficiency, sustainable design.